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Recombinant Tat Biotin

Description: Recombinant HIV-1 tat biotin-conjugated. HIV-1 regulatory tat protein plays an essential role in viral replication and infectivity. (...more...)

Product type: Protein conjugated with NHS biotin.

Peptide: Recombinant full length protein: HIV-I Tat CLADE B biotin conjugated

Expression system: E.coli

Tested by: Western Blotting, ELISA


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(...more...) In addition, during acute infection tat is released in the extracellular environment by infected cells and is taken up by neighbouring cells where it transactivates viral replication and increases virus infectivity.

Purity: >90% pure estimated by SDS-PAGE (EU Ph. 5.0 ยง 2.5.31)

Form: Liquid

Storage buffer: 1X PBS, 0.05%(v/v) glycerol.


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