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DIATHEVA: a solution for all Coronavirus testing needs


Diatheva has concentrated its resources on the development of diagnostic methods for the fight against Covid-19.

We can make available: diagnostic kits for the search of SARS-CoV-2 from swabs, serological tests for the search of antibodies from blood samples and rapid tests for the population.

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SARS-CoV-2 Surface Kit

Surface Kit

Diatheva is pleased to announce the release of its new SARS-CoV-2 Surface Kit product, which expands our COVID-19 products portfolio developed during the recent health emergency.

This kit consists in a one-step Real-Time RT-PCR and allows the detection of the RdRp gene of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from environmental surfaces. This product is now available.

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Sheep Salmonella Test - The unique ELISA assay that allows the diagnosis of Salmonella abortus ovis infection in sheep serum or plasma.

Salmonella Abortus OvisAs an alternative to the common Standard Agglutination Test (SAT) DIATHEVA proposes an ELISA assay for the screening of Salmonella abortus ovis infection in sheep herds.​

The system is ready to use, automatizable and facilitate the interpretation of results assuring an high throughput screening.
Thanks to the high reproducibility and sensitivity Sheep Salmonella Test is a real support for the notification procedure of Salmonellosis in sheep herds.

DIATHEVA launches for the first time PBRT 2.0

PBRT BrochureThe PBRT 2.0 kit is the updated version of the PBRT-KIT including all the modifications added to the 2005 PBRT (Carattoli et al. 2005) along the years and new epidemiologically relevant replicons P1, N2, FIB-KN, FIB-KQ, X4. The new updated version strongly improves the detection of plasmid content and replicon diversity with respect to previous version of PBRT scheme exhibiting a good specificity and sensitivity.​

Mouse Anti 1,3 beta Glucans (clone 2G8)

2g8mAb 2G8 from DIATHEVA the one Mouse Anti 1,3 beta Glucans that has proved to be effective in multiple models of fungal diseases including vaginal and systemic Candida infection, invasive Aspergillosis and Criptococcus Neoformans. Now available for research applications.


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OIE Certification

Our product Salmonella Abortusovis Test (Product Code AKE0016) receives OIE Certification!

OIE Certification

Our kit is now included in the OIE register of diagnostic kits for OIE Member Countries and for kit manufacturers.
Diatheva supports OIE Member Countries in need of diagnostic kits validated according to OIE criteria. OIE certification guarantees the quality of the kit to be used to correctly establish animal disease status.

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DIATHEVA launches for the first time PBRT 2.0

The PBRT (PCR Based Replicon Typing) is an essential assay for the analysis of evolution, epidemiology and spread of antibacterial resistance.The exclusive assay allows fast and easy plasmid characterization and...

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Diatheva coordinates: PrInT-Age "Un approccio integrato per la promozione della salute degli anziani e delle persone fragili: prevenzione delle infezioni, integrazione nutrizi…

Diatheva coordinates: PrInT-Age "Un approccio integrato per la promozione della salute degli anziani e delle persone fragili: prevenzione delle infezioni, integrazione nutrizionale e terapie personalizzate"

Print-Age is a POR MARCHE FESR 2014-2020 funded project (Asse 1 – Obiettivo Specifico 3 – Azione 3.1: “Promuovere soluzioni innovative per affrontare le sfide delle comunità locali nell’ambito della...

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