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>95% Pure Avidin from eggs white

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Product type: Reagents for research
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Avidin is a tetrameric biotin-binding protein produced in the oviducts of birds, reptiles and amphibians and deposited in the whites of their eggs. In chicken egg white, avidin makes up approximately 0.05% of total protein (approximately 1800 μg per egg). The tetrameric protein contains four identical subunits (homotetramer), each of which can bind to biotin (Vitamin B7, vitamin H) with a high degree of affinity and specificity. The dissociation constant of the avidinbiotin complex is measured to be KD ≈ 10−15 M, making it one of the strongest known non-covalent bonds.
Today, avidin is used in a variety of applications ranging from research and diagnostics to medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Avidin’s affinity for biotin is exploited in wide-ranging biochemical assays, including western blot, ELISA, ELISPOT and pull-down assays. In some cases the use of biotinylated antibodies has allowed the replacement of radioiodine labelled antibodies in radioimmunoassay systems, to give an assay system which is not radioactive. Avidin immobilized onto solid supports is also used as purification media to capture biotinlabelled protein or nucleic acid molecules.

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Size 5 ML
Product type Reagents for research

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Size 5 ML



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