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Recombinant Tat Clade A

Description: Recombinant (HIV-1) tat clade A produced in E. coli. Productive HIV-1 replication is absolutely dependent upon the viral tat protein. In Uganda Clades A and D are responsible for approximately 95% of HIV-1 infections.

Product type: Biologically active protein estimated by Up-Take and Rescue assays (positive to both assays)

Peptide: Recombinant protein: HIV-1Tat Clade A - Accession number: AAP33775.1

Expression system: Escherichia coli

Tested by: Western Blotting, SDS Page, Up-Take, Rescue assays. Reacts with Anti-Tat antibodies (Monoclonal anti-tat clone 1D9D5, Diatheva, code ANT0037).

Purity: > 90% pure estimated by SDS-PAGE (EU Ph. 5.0 § 2.5.31)


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