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Dinoflagellate DNA Isolation Kit 50

Dinoflagellate DNA isolation Kit allows the extraction of Genomic DNA from fixed phytoplankton samples using Magnetic beads (paramagnetic nanoparticles coated with silica). (4%) is enzimatically digested using Proteinase K and optionally submitted to RNase A treatment. The lysate is then incubated with a solution containing a chaotropic salt. The mixture is added to the Magnetic beads which capture the DNA in presence of the specific binding buffer. Three washing step remove cellular debris, proteins, polysaccharides and enzyme inhibitors. DNA is finally eluted in water and ready to use. The method provides rapid, safe, simultaneous purification of many samples, eliminating the use of organic solvents and the need of DNA precipitation.

Kit contents:

- 1X Buffer DE 1 (Lysis buffer): 40 ml 1X Buffer DE 2 (Guanidine buffer):

- 20 ml 1X Buffer DE 3 (Binding buffer): 40 ml 1X Buffer DE 4 (Washing buffer):

- 20 ml 1X Proteinase K: 10 mg 1X RNase A: 5 mg 2X Magnetic beads : 1.25 ml


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Dinoflagellate DNA isolation Kit is optimized for the isolation of total genomic dinoflagellate DNA from fixed phytoplankton samples. DNA purified with this method is suitable for PCR reactions.

Traditionally, phytoplankton samples collected for marine monitoring programmes or aquatic microrganism studies are preserved with fixative substances for long-term storage before analytical treatments such as microscope-based cell identification or simply to permit the transport from one laboratory to another. In recent years, to simplify microalgal identification and enumeration, the use of DNA or RNA probes coupled with the PCR assay has progressed and now represents a routine application for screening cultured and field samples. The efficiency of the genomic DNA extraction step is very important for the subsequent PCR assay, especially when it has to be used in quantitative investigation on cultured or environmental samples. In fact, the efficiency of amplification is guaranteed by complete cellular lysis and careful purification of target DNA (1, 2).

This kit permits the rapid isolation of total genomic DNA working directly with the fixed phytoplanktonic sample.

The purified DNA is suitable for PCR amplification without problems of inhibitions.


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