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DNApure Water Isolation Kit

The DNApure Water Isolation kit provides a convenient and efficient procedure for DNA extraction of gram- bacteria present in water samples. The kit was specifically developed and tested for the DNA extraction of Legionella bacteria from water samples, in compliance with ISO/TS 12869:2012 requirements.

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Product type: Diagnostic kit
Reagent type: DNA Isolation
Size: 100 extractions


The kit can isolate genomic DNA from a wide variety of filtered water samples, such as drinking water, sanitary hot water, cooling tower water, swimming pools and different clear water samples not containing overmuch suspended particles. Lysis occurs by thermal shock at 95±5°C and vortex mixing in the Lysis Buffer, specifically formulated to remove contaminants that could be found in
water samples. The presence of a resin which act via ion exchange limits destruction of the DNA by inactivating nucleases and chelating heavy metals that may damage DNA. The lysate is than purified and recovered using the DNApure Column that provides excellent DNA quality and yield. The purified DNA is suitable for a real-time PCR detection and quantification.

Additional information

Size 100 extractions
Application Environment - Water testing
Product type Diagnostic kit
Reagent type DNA Isolation
Category Legionella

Technical information

Size 100 extractions
Technology Alkaline thermal lysis followed by purification and concentration using centrifugal filter unit
Specimen Water samples
Testing time 1 hour



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