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Recombinant Ag85B

Description: The 30kD-secretory protein antigen 85B (Ag85B) is the most abundant protein exposed by Mycobacterium tuberculosis acting as a potent immunoprotective antigen. Ag85B induces a strong T-cell proliferation and the IFN- secretion in most healthy individuals exposed to M. tuberculosis, in BCG-vaccinated mice and humans. It has been shown that antibodies against Ag85B are more prevalent in active tuberculosis patients with decreased cellular immune response.

Product type: Recombinant protein

Peptide: Mycobacterium tuberculosis Ag85B amino acidc sequences - Accession Number: P0C5B9

Expression system: E.coli

Tested by: SDS-PAGE, Endotoxin assay Purity>90% pure estimated by SDS-PAGE (EU Ph. 5.0 ยง 2.5.31).



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Form: Lyophilized. The protein should be reconstituted in apirogenic sterile water or 1X PBS.


Storage buffer: -



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