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PBRT 2.0 Kit

The PBRT 2.0 Kit is intended for molecular typing of plasmid conferring drug resistance in Enterobacteriaceae.

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Product type: Diagnostic kit
Reagent type: PCR
Size: 192 tests


The PBRT 2.0 system is a PCR-based assay that allows fast and easy plasmid characterization and molecular identification through replicons detection. Together with a convenient format the system represents a valid tool to test a wide panel of bacterial strains and has been extensively used to classify plasmids, following the dissemination of resistance determinants in different countries and environments (Carattoli A. et al., 2009).

Additional information

Size 192 tests
Application Antimicrobial resistance
Product type Diagnostic kit
Reagent type PCR

Technical information

Size 192 tests
Technology End-point PCR
Specimen Veterinary, clinical or food samples
Testing time 1.5 hour
Target gene HI1, HI2, I1, I2, X1, X2, X3, X4, L, M, N, FIA, FIB, FIC, FII, FIIS, FIIK, FIB KN, FIB, KQ, W, Y, P1, A/C, T, K, U, R, B/O, HIB-M and FIB-M



Identification of plasmids by PCR-based replicon typing. PMID: 15935499
Resistance plasmid families in Enterobacteriaceae PMID: 19307361
Identification and classification of bacterial plasmids PMID: 3054468
Characterization of plasmids harbouring qnrS1, qnrB2 and qnrB19 genes in Salmonella PMID: 19001452
Klebsiella pneumoniae ST258 producing KPC-3 identified in italy carries novel plasmids and OmpK36/OmpK35 porin variants PMID: 22252815
Replicon sequence typing of IncF plasmids carrying virulence and resistance determinants PMID: 20935300
Complete sequencing of an IncH plasmid carrying the blaNDM-1, blaCTX-M-15 and qnrB1 genes. J. Antimicrob PMID: 22511638

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