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Mouse anti 1,3 β glucan (Clone 2G8)

Diatheva’s mAb 2G8 has been shown to be effective in multiple models of fungal diseases including vaginal and systemic Candida infection, invasive Aspergillosis and Criptococcus Neoformans.

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Product type: Reagents for research
Reagent type: Antibody
Size: 100 µg


Diseases caused by fungi constitute a large fraction of health care-associated infections and they are increasingly impacting on the health of populations. Subject categories at high risk of fungal infection are cancer patients under immunosuppressive chemotherapy, subjects undergoing major surgery and critically-ill patients under supportive ventilation and bearing central venous and urinary catheters. Both diagnosis and antifungal therapy are of limited effectiveness in these patients, resulting into treatment failures and associated mortality. In addition, the spectrum of fungal pathogens has enlarged to include yeasts and moulds that are refractory to most antifungals, posing remarkable challenges to infection control measures.

Additional information

Size 100 µg
Application Clinical diagnostics| Life Sciences
Product type Reagents for research
Reagent type Antibody
Category Fungal infections
Subcategory Mouse monoclonal IgG2b
Antibody type Primary antibody
Immunogen Laminarin from Laminaria digitata

Technical information

Size 100 µg
Purity Purified from supernatants of hybridoma cell cultures by affinity chromatography
Form Liquid. Supplied in 100mM sodium citrate, 50mM Tris and 0.05% v/v glycerol. Neutral pH.
Shipping/storage conditions Shipped at 2-8°C. When stored at +4°C the antibody is stable for 18 months. For extended storage up to 24 months, the solution may be frozen at -20°C in working aliquots. Avoid repested freezing and thawing cycles.
Source Mouse
Specificity 1,3 β- glucan from Candida albicans, Aspergillus fumigatus and Criptococcus Neoformans and occasionally with β(1, 6)-linked branching of a single glucosyl residue.
React with 1,3 β- glucan
Recommended dilutions Recommended starting dilutions can vary lot-to-lot. Consult the suggested starting dilutions on the top of the page for lot specific values.



The Yin and Yang of Current Antifungal Therapeutic Strategies: How Can We Harness Our Natural Defenses? PUBMED ID: 30804788

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