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Genomic DNA Isolation Kit

The Genomic DNA Isolation Kit allows for the isolation of genomic DNA from various types of animal tissues or cell samples. In addition, a protocol is also provided for the purification of viral DNA.
Preparation time for a single sample is approximately 60 minutes, and each kit contains sufficient materials for 50 preparations. A specific procedure was optimized for DNA extraction from feather samples to be used in combination with Avian Molecular Sexing Kit (MBK0059).





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Genomic DNA Isolation Kit is designed for the rapid preparation of genomic DNA from various tissue samples, cultured cells, bodily fluids and nasal or throat swabs.
Purification is based on spin column chromatography using a resin as the separation matrix. Resin specifically binds DNA under high salt concentrations and releases the bound DNA under low salt and slightly alkali conditions.
The purified genomic DNA is fully digestible with all restriction enzymes tested, and is completely compatible with PCR and Southern Blot analysis.


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