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Listeria Sheep Test

The Listeria Sheep Test is an indirect ELISA assay that provides a rapid, simple, sensitive and specific method for the detection of anti-listeriolysin O (LLO) IgG in sheep serum and plasma samples. The Test is used to diagnose listerial infection and to screen flocks/herds for Listeria monocytogenes exposure. Listeriolysin O (LLO), is a specific toxin recognized as the major determinant of the humoral response against Listeria monocytogenes in animals and human.

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Application: Veterinary diagnostics
Product type: Diagnostic kit
Reagent type: ELISA
Size: 96 tests/ 1 plate


Listeria monocytogenes is the causative agent of listeriosis, a severe disease associated with a high case fatality rate.
Nearly all the domestic animals are susceptible to Listeria infections, but animal listeriosis most commonly occurs in ruminants. The main clinical features of ruminant listeriosis are encephalitis, septicemia, abortion and mastitis. Listeriosis is a zoonotic disease, and the decisive role in the prevention of food-borne listeriosis in human beings is the reduction of this microorganism in all the critical stages of the food production in addition to the distribution chain, including the epidemiological surveillance of livestock.

Additional information

Size 96 tests/ 1 plate
Application Veterinary diagnostics
Product type Diagnostic kit
Reagent type ELISA
Category Sheep

Technical information

Size 96 tests/ 1 plate
Technology Indirect ELISA
Specimen Sheep serum or plasma samples
Testing time 3 hours



A combination of diagnostic tools for rapid screening of ovine listeriosis PUBMED ID: 16487553
Sero-diagnosis of listeria monocytogenes infection in sheep. LINK

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