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Hot Rescue Real-Time PCR Kit – FLUO probe

Hot Rescue Real-Time PCR Kit -FLUO probe is 2X convenient premix reagent, specially designed for real time PCR by using various detection probes. It includes reaction buffer, dNTPs, MgCl2 at optimal concentrations for efficient PCR amplification of DNA templates.

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Application: Life Sciences
Product type: Reagents for research
Reagent type: PCR
Size: 400 tests


Hot Rescue Real-Time PCR Master Mix is designed for routine endpoint PCR for DNA amplicons in the range of 0.2–2kb, allowing to set up your reactions in less than a minute. Only template, probe and PCR primers need to be added by the user. Optimized conditions enable amplification of as few as 2 copies of target template.

Additional information

Size 400 tests
Application Life Sciences
Product type Reagents for research
Reagent type PCR
Category Molecular Biology

Technical information

Size 400 tests
Technology Real-time PCR



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