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Avian DNA Sexing Kit

The Avian DNA Sexing kit is intended for gender identification of monomorphic bird.

Gender identification of species is very important for veterinary, medical and ecological sciences. Nevertheless, sexing based on external morphology is often impossible, because more than the 50% of bird species are monomorphic (Vucicevic et al., 2012). Traditional methods for sexual identification as the observation of sex-specific behaviour, laparoscopy, laparotomy or cloacal examination are time consuming, expensive, and, in some case, invasive and dangerous. To avoid this limitation, molecular sexing-based methods using noninvasive means, such as feathers, were improved (Morinha et al., 2012). The most common method for avian sexing is based on amplification and electrophoresis of the Chromo-helicase-DNA binding (CHD) gene on the W and Z chromosomes (Griffiths et al., 2008). The detection of these genes allows for sexing of unknown samples. 
The Avian DNA Sexing kit is a PCR-based assay that allows the rapid avian molecular sexing using pre-assembled PCR mixes containing specific primers pair for amplification of CHD-W and CHD-Z genes.





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