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Bacterial DNA Isolation Single Step 4x96 well plate

Bacterial DNA Isolation Single Step allows the isolation of genomic DNA from both gram negative and gram positive bacteria with one single procedure, starting from bacterial cultures.


Bacterial DNA Isolation Single Step is the easiest handling and fastest DNA purification kit containing a single buffer system and a one-step DNA purification after lysis. Proteins, detergents and low molecular weight compounds are retained by the CleanPlates96 while DNA passes through the column during a short, one-step purification procedure. The obtained DNA is suitable for all common enzymatic reactions (restriction digests, Real-Time PCR, PCR, genotyping etc.).
The system is able to isolate DNA from a wide range of food matrices such as cheeses, raw meats and meat products, fruits and vegetables, flours, fishes and seafood products, eggs and derivatives.



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