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E. coli O157 FLUO kit

The kit could be used for the identification of E. coli O157:H7  by Real-time PCR.

Intoxications and infections caused by food-borne pathogens represent an increasing public health problem, with nearly a quarter of the population at higher risk for illness today (Oliver et al., 2005). The fast and accurate identification of E.coli O157:H7 by Public health agencies and diagnostic laboratories insures not only a better quality of products, but also the possibility to adopt timely precautionary measures to limit the spread of infection in case of an outbreak.
The E. coli O157 FLUO kit represents an alternative PCR-based approach for the qualitative detection of this pathogen from enriched samples or bacterial colony. The kit uses DNA primers and fluorescent probe specific for the target organism. If pathogen is present, DNA is amplified and the increased fluorescence signals are recorded in real-time. The internal control, present in the amplification mix, assesses the efficiency of amplification reaction by checking the presence of inhibitory factors and ensuring reliability of negative results. Results are obtained within a few hours following an enrichment step and subsequent DNA extraction.



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