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HIV-1 DNA Test (32 tests)

HIV-1 DNA Test allows the quantitative detection of total HIV DNA in whole blood samples from HIV-1 positive patients.

HIV-1 DNA is the most widely used marker of HIV persistence in infected cells enabling an overall quantification of all viral forms of HIV DNA including stable integrated proviruses and unintegrated, including extrachromosomal 2-LTR, 1-LTR and linear forms. All these, co-exist in infected cells during viral replication and their levels may vary among patients, according to the stages of HIV disease and the effectiveness of the anti-HIV therapy.

The HIV-1 DNA Test is a qPCR assay to quantify all forms of intracellular HIV-1 DNA (integrated proviral DNA and unintegrated/extrachromosomal forms, including both linear and circular 1-LTR and 2-LTR) by the amplification of a specific sequence with the use of fluorescent-labelled probe.
The kit provides a ready to use PCR mix that offers robust and consistent performances, even in presence of PCR inhibitors found in the most challenging samples. Moreover the PCR mix provides a stringent automatic hot-start allowing reaction assembly and temporary storage at room temperature prior to PCR amplification.


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