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Recombinant Nef Biotin

Description: Recombinant (HIV-1) Nef biotin-conjugated. HIV-1 Nef is a 27kDa protein abundantly produced shortly after virus infection. Nef is an essential factor for efficient viral replication and pathogenesis, it also facilitates virus replication and enhances virions infectivity. Nef exerts pleiotropic effects: down-modulates surface MHC-I molecules, decreases cell surface CD4 antigen by interacting with the Src family kinase LCK, protects the infected cell from apoptosis in order to keep it alive until the next virus generation is ready to strike.

Product type: Protein biotinylated with NHS biotin.

Peptide: Recombinant full length protein -: HIV-1 Nef – Accession number: CAA41585

Expression system: E.coli

Tested by: Western Blotting, ELISA

Purity: >90% pure estimated by SDS-PAGE (EU Ph. 5.0 § 2.5.31)



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Form: Liquid

Storage buffer: 1X PBS, 0.05%(v/v) glycerol.


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