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Hot-Rescue Real-Time PCR Kit Sybr Green

Hot-Rescue Real Time PCR Kit is a very sensitive, specific and easy to use system for quantitative real time analysis of nucleic acid from various source. The doublestranded DNA binding dye SYBR® Green I provides a generic and time-saving method for PCR product detection, since it requires only a set of specific primer.

Kit Contents: 

- 4x1250 μl Hot-Rescue Real Time master mix (2X)

- 1x250 U Hot-Rescue Plus DNA Polymerase (5U/μl)

- 1x1 mL MgCl2 Solution (25 mM)

- 4x8 μl ROX

Hot-Rescue Real Time master mix for real time PCR analysis is supplied concentration. The mix is optimized for SYBR® Green reagent reactions and it contains: optimized reaction buffer, dNTPs, MgCl2 and SYBR Green dye.


€ 295,00


Hot-Rescue PLUS DNA Polymerase decreases the primer-dimer formation and the amplification of non-specific products, increasing the target yield. The provided MgCl2 solution allows for an easy optimization of the PCR performance. Magnesium concentration indeed affects primer annealing, product specificity and enzyme activity. Generally, a MgCl2 final concentration of 1.5 mM is sufficient for most reactions, but an optimal Mg++ concentration (reaching to 5-6 mM) may increase the performance of PCR reaction with cDNA, as well as genomic and plasmid DNA templates. Careful optimization of the PCR conditions contribute to the reduction of primerdimer formation.

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