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PBRT 2.0 kit

The PBRT 2.0 kit is intended for molecular typing of plasmid conferring drug resistance in Enterobacteriaceae.

The epidemiology of resistance plasmids is a major issue for the description of antimicrobial resistance diffusion. Plasmids can be categorized in families on the basis of their phylogenetic relatedness.  The molecular identification and classification of plasmids by PCR is currently possible and it is based on the detection of plasmid replication controls (replicons), namely the portion of large, naturally occurring plasmids encoding the replicase gene (rep) and cis-acting regulatory elements, controlling plasmid DNA replication and copy number. 

The PBRT 2.0 system is a PCR-based assay that allows fast and easy plasmid characterization and molecular identification through replicons detection. Together with a convenient format the system represents a valid tool to test a wide panel of bacterial strains and has been extensively used to classify plasmids, following the dissemination of resistance determinants in different countries and environments (Carattoli A. et al., 2009).



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