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Thursday, 09 June 2016 15:31

BIO 2016 : DIATHEVA presents "scFv 2G8" monoclonal antibody a new approach to fungal infections

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DIATHEVA presented a new product in pipeline "scFv 2G8" at BIO CONVENTION 2016 in the context of a workshop dedicated to showcasing of novel antibiotics which was held the past 6 June in San Francisco. Hosted by the Innovative Medicines’ Initiative (IMI), The Wellcome Trust-funded Community For Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery and the IMI funded ENABLE project, the workshop was aimed to highlight the global tools available to support the development of novel anti-infectives coming from10 innovative company programmes from six countries.


DIATHEVA the unique Italian company selected presented a new scFv monoclonal antibody 2G8 in the therapeutic area of infectious disease.

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