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Rabbit ant-Tat IgG-Immunoassay

Intended use Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the quantitative determination of anti- Tat IgG concentrations in rabbit serum and plasma as an aid in the diagnosis of antibody production in rabbits immunized with (HIV) Tat protein. Introduction The HIV-1 regulatory proteins Tat are considered attractive targets for the development of a multicomponent vaccine against HIV-1 infection. The protein is well conserved among different isolates and thus may be less susceptible to mutation leading to the production of escape virus variants. Tat is produced early after infection and is essential for virus replication and infectivity. Tat protein is also immunogenic and antibodies (Ab) against Tat have been found to correlate with delayed disease progression and may exert protective effects by inhibiting both HIV replication and the effects of extracellular Tat. Moreover Tat is efficiently taken up by monocite-derived dendritic cells, promotes their maturation and antigen presenting functions directing Th-1 and CTL responses against itself and other Ags since it enters the major histocompatibility complex class I pathway. Finally, vaccination of mice with a biologically active Tat protein has been shown to be safe, immunogenic and elicits anti-Tat neutralizing Ab and CTL.(...more...)



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