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Grains DNA Extraction Kit

Grains DNA extraction kit permits to simplify the DNA isolation process and to obtain a purified DNA suitable for amplification in Real-Time PCR. The Grains DNA Extraction Kit combines an efficient lysis process with a purification system , using a binding buffers in combination with columns

The silica membrane wasoptimized for an high yield of DNA and low affinity for the binding of impurities. After homogeni zation of the sample, is added the GL Lysis buffer containing chaotropic salts, denaturing agents and detergents that ensure optimal lysis action on the sample which is then clarified by centrifugation. The add of GB Binding buffer c reates the optimal conditions for the binding of DNA to the silica membrane of the column. The impurities are removed with a simple washing, and the purified DNA was eluted in a low ionic strength buffer.



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Grains DNA extraction kit allows the isolation of genomic DNA from corn, flour and derivative products such as pasta.

The composition in cereals of specific foods is a key factor for the quality of the final product.
The cereal of choice for the produ ction of pasta is durum wheat due to its special features such as colour and protein content that affect the quality of pasta.Gr ains DNA extraction kit is formulated for the DNA isolation from pasta and flours inorder to verify, through the use of Grain quantitative kit (Diatheva, MBK0062), the content of soft wheat in the final product caused by cross contaminations that may occur during growing, harvesting and handling practices of durum wheat. The production and sale of pasta isstrictly regulated by the current Italian law: only a maximum of 3% soft wheat can be tolerated in dry pasta.

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