DIATHEVA - Biomanufacturing of innovative diagnostics and reagents

Diatheva: bringing basic research to application

DIATHEVA is an Italian biotechnology company located in Fano (PU) founded in 2002 with the aim to bring research into industrial products by cooperating with firms, public and private research institutions.

DIATHEVA focuses on development, production and marketing of new and innovative products for diagnostic, research and therapeutic applications in the field of: Cancer, Microbial Infection and Pharmacogenetics, providing a wide range of reagents and kits for HIV-I study, pharmacogenetic tests for personalized and predictive medicine and innovative solutions for food safety.


Since its foundation, DIATHEVA has been investing many resources in r&d activities: in particular the company has applied with success to many funded European and national research projects enlarging its collaborative and commercial network and acquiring an updated know-how.

In 2009 in collaboration with other biotech firms in the Marche Region DIATHEVA founded Marche BIOTECH, an independent, non-profit association with the aim to promote the bioscience industry in Italy, to expand the knowledge and expertise of Marche's business, concerning the life sciences.

In 2012 DIATHEVA was acquired from SOL spa, the most innovative provider of gases in the industrial and medical sectors.

Diatheva has a GMP facility, authorized by AIFA, to produce and release APIs for pre-clinical and clinical trials with a special emphasis on new immunogens against HIV and other microbial pathogens. At present, DIATHEVA has two promising anti-cancer scFv antibody in clinical trial studies and one scFv antibody for the treatment of Candida Albicans in discovery.
The company has the experience, expertise, capacity, and flexibility to serve as strategic partner for drug development and manufacturing needs.

DIATHEVA has a diversified range of activities, its main business model is based on development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative diagnostics kits. The company has also signed several R&D and GMP manufacturing contracts with Italian and foreign companies.

DIATHEVA’s team is composed by qualified biologists, dynamic and complementary, with a robust scientific background and a wide range of skills.

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